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My fascination with canine behaviour and training began with my own dog, leading me to pursue courses with accredited qualifications and a basis in the science of dog training.

I am a qualified Canine Behaviour and Training Technician (OCN Level 4), I hold a Fetac Level 6 in Canine Obedience and Training and I’m a certified Canine first responder and a member of the pet professional guild*.

I believe in life long learning (for all species) and regularly attend workshops and seminars with industry leaders, ensuring that my knowledge is constantly informed and updated.

I’m also a dog owner, like you. I understand the concerns that dog ownership entails, the difficulties of balancing modern life and your own needs with those of your dog and the joys of building a wonderful relationship with your best friend.

I’m committed to providing clients with a professional, discrete and trustworthy service, and I’m passionate about developing your dog’s life skills through training, exercise, enrichment and play.

Professional Qualifications

Workshops and Seminars:

I am currently working towards CAP 1 certification (clicker trainers competency assessment) with Learning about Dogs

*As a member of the Pet Professional Guild and a qualified Canine Behaviour and Training Technician (CBTT 13119), I am bound by Codes of Ethics which ensure that force free, welfare based methods of training are used at all times. Professional development and education is an ongoing certification requirement for CBTT.

Lesley Townsend